Teaching & Mentorship


Current Students

  • Hoa Nguyen, PhD expected May 2016 (PhD Advisor)
  • Wathsala Widanagamaachchi, PhD expected May 2016 (PhD Committee, Advisor: Valerio Pascucci)
  • Alex Bigelow, PhD expected May 2016 (PhD Committee, Advisor: Miriah Meyer)
  • Sean McKenna, PhD expected May 2016 (PhD Committee, Advisor: Miriah Meyer)
  • Dave Hayborne, BS expected May 2016

Graduated Students

  • Yihao Jiang, MS May 2015 (Project Advisor)
  • Prudhvi Sampara, MS May 2015 (Project Advisor)
  • Harsha Gadiraju, MS May 2015 (Project Advisor)
  • Mavin Martin, MS Dec. 2014 (Project Committee, Advisor: Chris Johnson)
  • Rashmi Mishra, MS Dec. 2015
  • Christopher P. Johnson, BS, May 2014 (BS Thesis Advisor: Uncertainty Visualization for Hypothesis Testing)
  • Teng Lu, MS, Dec. 2013 (MS Project Advisor)
  • Sam Pradeep Gnanasundaram, BS, Dec. 2013 (BS Thesis Advisor: Visualization of Unsteady Vector Fields)
  • Chao Yang, MS, May 2013 (MS Project Advisor)
  • Suraj Kumar Sahu, MS, May 2013 (MS Committee Member)
  • Sridhar Vukkadapu, MS, May 2013 (MS Committee Member)
  • Kathryn Rodgers, BS, May 2013 (BS Thesis Advisor: Parallel Compression of Time-Variant Scienti c Data for Collaborative Visualizations, MS UC Irvine, Currently teaching at Orange Coast College)
  • Brian Summa, PhD, Dec. 2012 (PhD Committee Member; advisor: Valerio Pascucci; PhD Thesis: Interactive Digital Photography at Scale; Postdoc under Valerio Pascucci; Currently faculty at Tulane)
  • A.N.M. Imroz Choudhury, PhD, May 2012 (PhD Advisor; co-advised by Steve Parker; PhD Thesis: Visualization and Analysis of Memory Reference Traces; Currently Visualization Engineer at Kitware Inc.)
  • Hushel Roberts, BS, Dec. 2011 (BS Thesis Advisor: High Order Trajectory Approximation of Time Varying Datasets)